Now in its 4th decade, the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) is the longest-standing coalition of national organizations committed to advocating with and on behalf of youth and, in particular, in research-driven “positive youth development.”

NCY’s over 50 members, the household names of youth services and human services in America, collectively:

  • Serve more than 40 million young people annually
  • Employ over 100,000 staff
  • Utilize more than six million volunteers
  • Have a physical presence in virtually every community in America

Why It Exists: NCY was formed by a handful of national executives who believed that their organizations could accomplish more collectively than individually to advance a positive developmental approach to child and youth development; prevent youth from having negative experiences by offering well-founded positive experiences; and ensure justice and fair treatment for youth involved in the justice and child welfare systems. NCY still exists substantially for these purposes today.

What It Does: “The Collab” functions in the areas of Policy, Practice, and Research, all in the realm of positive youth development, an approach to policy and programs that is at this point very well researched by some of the most respected academics and scientists and very well accepted among many policymakers and even more widely among service providers. Youth are defined by their assets and potential not by their challenges.

Policy: The NCY Washington Group, public policy leaders of member organizations, coordinates policy development and action to advance positive youth development.

Practice: The NCY Program Group, top youth development professionals at member organizations, develops and pursues initiatives that advance the practice of positive youth development.

Research: The Research Group fuels the field with evidence-based approaches.

For questions about this site or more information on the National Collaboration for Youth contact policy@nassembly.org.