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Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons

Date & time

February 24, 2017

13:00 PM–14:00 PM




Overwhelming evidence shows that youth prisons are harmful, ineffective and excessively expensive. Youth in prison are routinely subjected to maltreatment – including solitary confinement and physical abuse – which can exacerbate trauma, limit learning, and lead to future recidivism. The report, Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and out of Youth Prisons, outlines steps that juvenile justice administrators, legislators, non-profits and community advocates can take to replace youth prisons with more effective solutions that keep children at home and connected to their communities. 

Join this webinar to learn more about the principles and core components of building a community-based continuum of care for system-involved youth. You will hear directly from: 

* Shaena Fazal, Report author and Youth Advocate Programs National Policy Director 
* Clinton Lacey, Director of the Washington D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services 
* Hernan Carvente, Analyst at the Vera Center on Youth Justice advocating for juvenile justice reform based on his own experiences in the system 
* Deborah Hodges, Lucas County Juvenile Court Director 

Cosponsored by National Collaboration for Youth, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., and Youth First Initiative. 

If you have additional questions about the webinar, contact Shaena Fazal at or 202-594-6893.